Is Bathroom Sink Water Safe To Drink? Let’s Philosophize

Is Bathroom Sink Water Safe To Drink


Absolute savior of ‘life’. To survive just a minute, water is magically second to none, and not even a single hour we can do without it! We drink it from the most refined sources. But if you’re asked, “Is Bathroom Sink Water safe to drink?”

Absolutely! It is. Bathroom sink water is, no doubt, drinkable only so long it comes from the mains or tap. If the bathroom sink is of your family, water is more than safe to drink and it’s perfectly reasonable.

It depends on where you live. Nonetheless, many people hold some misconceptions about bathroom sink water. In most cases, it is pure if your family has lead pipes or your municipality might have unsafe or toxic water.

Bathroom Sink Water VS Kitchen Sink Water

Whether bathroom sink water varies from kitchen sink water or not depends honestly on if water from both of them comes right from the mains. I am of the opinion that you should only drink water from the tab that comes directly from the mains.

In general, if the water tank your family possesses is a cold water tank, you must avoid drinking water from any but only the kitchen sink. Because it is invariably attached directly to the mains.

But if your home doesn’t have any cold water tank, you are free to drink anywhere you want, be it bathroom sink water or kitchen sink water. No worries here.

If I am not wrong, all water that reaches your home comes from the same source if you do not have two different storage tanks for the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink, then the water is no different. The water from both the taps must be identical.

You can fill your buckets of water from here with no second filtering. But if your water abounds with high mineral content, it would be much better for you to go for extra filtering for you and your family’s sake.

Where you fix your filter is also a fact. If you place the filter right after the water infiltrates and after the leading stopcock, all the water is filtered involving that normally used for closets that you can consider was the and filth. But it never means that the water that goes to boilers for heating and the supply of the hot water would be filtered and ameliorate the build-up of sediments in the heater itself and It would surely be a decent step.

Has Hotel Bathroom Sink Water Drinkability?

This is one of the frequently asked questions that is a decent peril! Often, it happens you have been in a hotel and forgot to purchase a bottle of water. Now your thirst is unquenchable, but no option is available to choose.

What to do then? Will you have just a big glass of water and risk your life?

I am afraid that I have no satisfactory answer in this case. You might seem, it is okay to quench your thirst from such a big hotel! It is simply drinkable. But I must no warrant you to do so. That’s for sure. Let’s philsophize why.

The quality of water might constantly differ from one place to another and that’s why, I humbly suggest you be meticulous enough of any hotel sink water, especially if you stay in a different country than your native one.

It is not inevitably because hotel water faucet abounds with terms or bugs, rather but because of the mineral content in the bathroom of any other country most likely to be different from what your tummy is usually used to. Unusual water can leave a tragic side-effect on your health and even it may result in severely waterborne diseases like Diarrhea.

In that case, you can go for cross-checking whether the hotel has any welcome pack or any leaflet. If so, it may either well help you know if the water here is drinkable, or may warn you to strictly shun it.

When you are in your native land and you are with the water you are usually used to, you should keep the bathroom sink running several minutes right before swallowing glasses of water from here. I know the job is nothing but prodigal and unjust but, perhaps, you are doing this just to get out of peril and to ensure the water you were about to drink is the purest possible water.

If you are skeptical about water, you always need to get notified of whether the bathroom hotel sink water is potable by the hotel receptionist. But while in a foreign country, avoiding the bathroom sink water is a must-have for you and always go for the bottled water even if it is too costly. If you want to get it for little money, It would be easier for you to purchase a gallon of water altogether.

Is Any Public Bathroom Sink Water Potable?

In our day to day life, we are to constantly travel public places for our purposes. Teachers and students are to go to college/university, service holders to offices and doctors, and patients to hospitals. So is these public bathroom water safe to drink for them?

Most often I get asked this very question. Let’s resolve it. Frankly speaking, you are free to drink from anywhere you like to. Even you may drink out of a toilet if you so desire. But, if you are let to infer the answer to the question, “Is it safe to drink from a public toilet?” What would be your inference?

The answer is pretty simple and resounding! Not at all. Isn’t it? Never should you drink out of a public bathroom sink water. Such a with is quite frivolous and insensible. You are not allowed to rinse your face with public bathroom sink water, not alone drink!

You may think the water falling through the sink looks clean and fresh, the probability is in the peak that the outlet surface of the sink is filled with germ and filth that even leads to terrible waterborne diseases and ultimate results in demise.

Also, would even a mad think of drinking from such a sink or faucet that is invariably being used by the public to wash us hands contaminated with the excrement and urine?

Though risks are a bit less in the US than they are in the European countries that do not impregnate chlorine with water. Because the water without chlorine lets the evolution of bacteria at the end of a sink. Anyway, even in the US, the chlorine is planned in the water in a way that will annihilate organisms of the water, not to be used just as a destroyer of bacteria for filthy surfaces.

Are Tourists Allowed To Drink Bathroom Tap Water?

Drinking straight from the bathroom tabs may be a health threat. It might create a health hazard, and it even can risk your life to some extent. Despite huge progress in sanitation across the globe, bathroom tab water is not considered safe for tourists in more than 180 countries worldwide.

You may have to endure a string of detrimental and deadly infections in your body if take it for granted. Anyway, the local people may not be the deadly victims of it as they are used to it and the level of immunity to the usual pathogens particularly a native community holds is loftier and much more than that the tourists do who just come for sightseeing or paying a shorter visit.

One philosophy you may keep in mind that the natives normally may not get inflicted by impure water of the tap as they are used to it as their own, but the scenario might be quite reverse for the tourists.

Countries Where Drinking Water From Taps Is Safe

Below is a quick list of the top countries where it is no longer a health peril as they have tap water of the best quality. They include:

  1. Switzerland
  2. UK
  3. France
  4. Australia Italy
  5. Germany
  6. Norway
  7. Luxemburg
  8. Sweden
  9. Italy
  10. New Zealand

In the countries above, drinking water from taps is the purest, safest across the globe.

Our Subjective Synopsis In Brief

It is all right you are approved of drinking bathroom sink water on condition that it should come straight from the mains or tabs and this water is flawlessly pure to rinse your face, and wash up.

But our humble suggestion towards you it is far better not to sip the bathroom sink for quenching your thirst. As long as you will avoid drinking from the bathroom sink, it will help you lessen the possibility of getting lead poisoning.

Specifically, be extra beware of your little kids. Advice them to spit when brushing their teeth. It will be helpful to keep a bottle of kitchen sink water right beside your bed in case you wake up at night. It will also help you to stay away from bathroom sink water.

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