Top 6 Best Wood Stove Thermometer In 2020: A Thorough Guide

Are you a bit dismal with your recent-bought wood-burning stove? Do you fail to get the best out of it? Well. No more discomfort! Let me introduce you to a splendid high-tech marvel that will surely rescue you from this unloved grievance and the rescuer is the best wood stove thermometer.

If you own a woodstove thermometer, you are sure to get a kick out of burning wood with superior efficiency. Even it will help lessen your maximum waste.

A wood stove thermometer is an element & efficient way to measure the ongoing temperature of the wood-burning stove. It will effectively help you regulate the temperature when you will burn wood in the stove. Even It exhibits the temperature of your device as well as provide smooth-to-understand zones for rapid action of the operating efficiency of your stove.


Top 3 Best Wood Stove Thermometer In 2021

  • Package Dimensions
  • Weights
  • Manufacturing Company

GALAFIRE 2PCS Stove Thermometer Magnetic Oven Thermometer

GALAFIRE 2PCS Stove Thermometer

  • 4.5x3.5x0.1 inches
  • 0.81 ounces
  • Viola
Valuable One

Oven Temperaturer Wood Stove Thermometer, Stove Meter Thermometer

Oven Wood Stove Thermometer

  • 2.5x2.5x0.7 inches
  • 1.58 0unces
  • N/A
Good One

Magnetic Stove Thermometer Fire Stove Pipe Thermometer Gauge

Magnetic Stove Thermometer

  • 5.5x4.2x0.6 inches
  • 0.4930 ounces
  • Frienda

A Quick Survey Of The Best Wood Stove Thermometer Is As Follows:

Today we are right here to help let you know which stove thermometer to purchase or which device is going to be the best fit for you and why.

1. GALAFIRE 2PCS Stove Thermometer Magnetic Oven Thermometer

GALAFIRE 2PCS Stove Thermometer Magnetic Oven Thermometer

This stove thermometer is a great magnetic stove diameter. You can set it on a stovetop or side, and a single wall flue pipe thermometer. Do not affix it on grilles. You can fix the thermometer on the pipe of the stove, 18” above the stove. Magnet affixes the thermometer to the stove. This wood stove temperature will perfectly monitor and optimize the stove efficiency to stop the stove and heat reinforced stove fan from decayed by excessive heat. Excessive heat means overheat or extremely hot temperatures that can harm the stove, chimney, stove fan. The monitor temperature of this stove is from about 100-800°F.

Its diameter is 63mm. This stove thermometer is made of stainless steel. Its dial is of aluminum and the handle is of metal. It has a bimetal thermometer sensor. It is easy to read. It comes with 2 years warranty and if you experience any problem during its operation, just feel free to contact the authority concerned.

  • Easy to read.
  • It is a cost-effective device.
  • It has perfect accuracy.
  • It will optimize the stove efficiency.
  • It had proper monitoring.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty.
  • It may cost a bit extra.

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2. Oven Temperaturer Wood Stove Thermometer, Stove Meter Thermometer

Oven Temperaturer Wood Stove Thermometer, Stove Meter Thermometer

This is another excellent strong magnetic wood stove thermometer for the wood-burning stove. You can place it on the stovetop, or side, and even on a single wall flue pipe. Its monitoring and optimizing stove efficiency are remarkable. You are recommended to shun the stove fan that is damaged by excessive heat or overheat. This stove thermometer has a back strong magnet. Its dial is of aluminum too and has a bi-metal sensor. You will find it easy to read. You will be able to see the surface temperature just by a single glance at it. It’s been calibrated precisely for stovetop usage within the deviation of 50°F.

The diameter of the stovetop thermometer is 2.48” and monitor temperature is from 100-900°F, which means 40-500°C. Its buildup refers to a temperature that is too low. It might generate creosote and tar heaps inside the stove and chimney.

Affix the stove thermometer upon the stove pipe 18” above the stove. It will help preserve the wood and shun excessive creosote.

  • This device is easier to read.
  • The monitoring & optimizing stove efficiency of this device is worth noticing.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It is so simple to use.
  • It has value for money.
  • It is a piece of nicely giftable equipment.
  • It possesses proper accuracy.
  • Less expensive.
  • It does not come with any warranty.

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3. Magnetic Stove Thermometer Fire Stove Pipe Thermometer Gauge

Magnetic Stove Thermometer Fire Stove Pipe Thermometer Gauge

This stove temperature is also an efficient magnetic stove fire stove (pipe) temperature. This especially for wood log chimney pipe over temp meter. This temperature gauge will help safeguard your wood stove from excessive heating or overheat. Its burning temperature clear mark will help you be assured of the stove temperature and permit you to make its fuel’s full use. It also warrants you to burn the fuel at the operable temp. Its creosote buildup implies that temp is too low that will promo creosote and tar is being piled up in your stove and chimney. Great operation means fuel consumption, as well as heat effect, is at it’s best and most efficient level. Too hot refers to the high temperature that might risk stove, stove fan, and chimney bring damaged.

Its range of measures is 100-900 degrees F. It is constructed with quality materials and they include an aluminum dial, brass pointer, metal handle, and bimetal sensor and the size of the dial is 2.45” which measures 6 cm in length.

  • This beautiful tool is made of quality materials.
  • It is so convenient to use.
  • It has good accuracy.
  • It is so effortless to use.
  • Easy installation method.
  • It is a cost-effective device tool.
  • Cheaper in price.
  • This product comes with no warranty.

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4. BBQ Grill Temperature Gauge 

BBQ Grill Temperature Gauge 

This temp gauge is applied on the dome top of an excellent ceramic grill of Kamando Joe, akorn grill just to assess the temperature in the grill, but not a meat thermometer. It has simple and easy reading. You can read it from a further distance as its display is larger. One

additional exceptional feature is that it is a powerful waterproof device and its glass lens is anti-foggy. Its installation method is simpler and easier.

This temperature gauge is built with stainless steel that has a dual display. Its display is 150°F – 900°F and the accuracy of it is almost +/- 1.5°C. Its dial diameter, stem diameter, and stem length are 83 mm / 3.28”, 8.12 / 0.32”, 85 mm / 3.25” respectively. The weight of this tool is 54 grams.

This effective wood stove thermometer is calibrated & fixed in the factory. You are free to check if you want. Just take a fresh and clean water container or barrel to the boil and dip the thermometer probe into the water. Do not forget to use pliers for gripping it. Keep it inundated for at least one minute. Do not allow the probe to stay in it for so long. Just keep in contact with the barrel. Now you will see the gauge move up to 212 only if it is calibrated perfectly.

  • This stove temperature has a larger face for easy reading.
  • It is so easy to install.
  • Its temperature range is large.
  • It is so convenient to install.
  • It is effortless to use.
  • The quality of warmth is excellent.
  • It has good temperature control.
  • It is with proper accuracy.
  • It will help you to classify the temperature for ideal roasting, smoking, and searing.
  • It is a waterproof device and its glass lens is anti-foggy.
  • You will not be able to fix its hot temperature with your bare hands.
  • You can not keep it within the children’s reach.

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5. GALAFIRE [ 2 Years ] 122°F Start Silent Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Plus Thermometer

GALAFIRE [ 2 Years ] 122°F Start Silent Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Plus Thermometer

If you have a wood stove or freestanding wood burner and wish to get more heat all over your living spaces without any extra electrical cost, you just need to pick this incredible heat powered stove fan, GalaFire wood stove fan. It will generate comforting heat more swiftly and enhance the efficiency of your stove.

When hot airs rise, most heat simply escapes from or gets out of your stove right above and get gathered around dealing. And if you don’t have a stove fan, you have to hang in there for a longer period just to feel the warmth around the living spaces. So you can just have one right away. It will require no extra electricity cost.

  • This efficient strove thermometer fan has an adorned compact design.
  • It needs no operating costs.
  • It will burn fewer fuels.
  • It makes no noise.
  • You are going to get a fantastic fireplace accessory if you pick one.
  • You will be provided a lifetime technical service warranty.
  • Its durability is notable.
  • It has a pretty straightforward installation method.
  • It has value for money.
  • It requires no extra electricity cost to be operated.
  • It is a self-operated device.
  • It would be a great fit for a silent and cozy living space.
  • You can not keep it near the chimney or any heating wall.
  • You can not fix or set it on heat vents or grille.
  • You will not be able to exceed 350°C or 662°F.

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6. Imperial #BM0135 Stove Thermometer

Imperial #BM0135 Stove Thermometer

This wood stove thermometer is another gorgeous black-colored larger thermometer. The dimensions of this thermometer are 1×3.75×5.75 inches and weight is 3.2 ounces. This thermometer will perfectly regulate

your wood stove performance. The burning efficiency of this very thermometer is from 100 to 850°F that is huge. You will be able to effortlessly install it on a stovepipe and that with a magnetic accessory.

Its durability is also noteworthy and as a device, it is highly accurate. It will help measure stove pipe temperature and can be easily applied to the stove pope clamshell.

  • As a piece of equipment, it is pretty durable.
  • This tool has excellent accuracy.
  • The monitoring performance of the thermometer is much more satisfactory.
  • Easy to install.
  • It is effortless to use.
  • Because of having a wider display, it is so easy to read, even from distance.
  • Its burning efficiency range is from 100 to 800°F.
  • You can easily install it on your stove pipe with a magnetic accessory and attachment.
  • It does not come with any warranty.

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Why Is It Necessary?

If you are one of the humble buyers who just started using a wood stove for the first time or just bought it, then you are not supposed to have an acquaintance with a wood stove temperature. So let’s know what it is a boon for us!

1. It is an effective tool to diminish your firewood use.

By having a wood stove thermometer, you can easily scrutinize whether the stove burns as per its requirements or more than that.

Even you will be able to know when the stove needs to be avoided having wood or when to cease feeding it with wood. Simultaneously, it will ameliorate air pollution.

2. It helps your wood stove last longer.

It is normal that excessive temperatures are usually prone to cause harm to the combustor and can malfunction it. It appears more conspicuous when you have a soapstone wood stove.

So if you use a wood stove temperature and can whereof continually regulate the temperature of the burner, it would be much for you to adjust the temperature efficiently. This process will make the stove long-lasting.

3. It makes a safer zone for your family and warrants the utmost safety.

On average, a wood stove burns optimally between 300˚F and 500˚F. But the horrifying issue is that when the temperature exceeds this limit, it is most likely to set a fire in the flue specifically if any soot is in it.

So a stove temperature will save you from this devastating incident.

4. It regulates the hype of creosotes & holds them at bay.

Creosote is a perilous substance (fire) generated in the flue, and it is a decent health hazard. The flue gas leaving the vent is thickened because of the cooler temperature on top, inside, around the stove, and flue pipe over time.

Primarily creosotes appear black and drippy. Later on, they look to a shiny and hard substance. They form if you burn wood at a lower temperature. You must be able to adjust the optimal temperature to stop excess creosote generation.

How To Use A Wood Stove Thermometer: A User’s Guide

Below is a complete code of how to get the best out of the woodstove thermometer you are using:

Step 1:

Bring the stovetop thermometer and connect or pit it on the top third of your stove surface. It will exhibit the precise reading of your temperature inside the stove.

Step 2 :

Set a fire in the stove & note down what the existing temperature reading on the dial is.

Step 3:

Keep your eyes on the yellow coded area on the dial. It points 100 to 250°F. It indicates that the flame or fire is still not hot enough and there remains a threat of creosote generation in the flue pipe.

Step 4:

Pen down as the temperature increases or exceeds 270°F. You should be aware of this is the point where the optimal temperature area starts. Hold tabs on as long as it catches up with 450°F.

Step 5:

If you discover that the temperature is increasing around 500°F, you need to be alert because of your wood stove’s vulnerability to excessive heat deterioration. It may generate devastation.

Step 6:

Last but not least, fix cautiously the air intakes of the stove so long the temperature comes back to the optimum temperature ridge [270°F-450°F]

Basic Types Of The Best Wood Stove Thermometers

The thermometer is mainly of four types that are used to determine the temperature of the woodstove. They are as follows:

Stove Top Thermometer

This awesome device has a magnetic base. You require to affix it on the upper surface of your stove. Myriad types of models of this stove temperature are widely available. Some of them are particularly in appliances, whereas some have common usage.

Magnetic Stove Pipe Temperature

This magnetic stove temperature can be applied only to a single wall flue. It is connected to the flue that uses a magnet. If you want to get the clearest and best reading, set it 18” above the stove for a temporary period right after you fire up the device.

Flue Gas Probe Thermometer

This thermometer is tied to the hub of a twin flue pipe. The metal probe affixed to it looks more like a kitchen meat probe. So you can only use it if you own a double wall pipe.

Catalytic Thermometer

This category is a paradigm of a best wood stove thermometer that can be adapted to a specific sort of stove, and in this regard, a catalytic burner. A wide variety of models is there. So ponder on which one is going to be the best fit for your appliance.

Tips To Scrutinize For Burning Wood: A User Should Be Aware Of

Inquiry if your wood stove is generating excessively plentiful smoke. Smoke catches unburnt energy gases, and you might want to glance at the least amount that comes from the chimney.

If it is thick and black. It includes that the combustion is not optimal. It is an indication that fire inside the wood stove does not appear intense or acute.

Say No to Smoldering

Smoldering refers to the smoke that comes out of a fire and this fire burns slowly without a flame. This is because of the low temperature. Bear in mind that your fuel should burn luminous as long as it has waned to wood charcoal. If the climate is somewhat frigid, you might turn down the air to lower the vehemence of fire, the flames must not clips appear.

Stop Over Burning

If the firebox is packaged with flames, it indicates it has surpassed the full range.

If the firebox is packaged with flames, it indicates it has surpassed the full range. Just let the air regulate freed for a couple of minutes as the fire rages. Ameliorate the combustion through adjusting the setting of fire so the flames can begin slowing down. During the winter or cooler season, drive the wood stove heated as long as you reach two-thirds of the max.

Fade The Soot Away From The Stove

During the cooler seasons, rinse, clean, and polish the stove’s inside at least every four days to eliminate the dirt and filth buildup. Fade the soot away because it impedes the heat generated by the wood.

Where To Place A Wood Stove Thermometer?

Now that you have chosen and purchased a best wood stove thermometer, the other inconvenience that appears is where to set it. Below is a couple of tips on where best to set. So let’s know the best placement of the stove thermometer.

First comes the go of the stovetop thermometer. We recommend you attach it to the top third of the woodstove. Thus it would be able to assess the perfect temperature of the stove’s inside.

Now if you are one of those who own a stove pope thermometer, right about 18 inches above [45.72cm] the stove’s top surface will be the best placement for you to set it.

If you possess a thermometer for the double-wall pipe, what you need to do is just bore an orifice in the wall and it would be ¼ “ in diameter.

After that, you have to bore another orifice through the innermost tube that would be appropriately 3/16 “ in diameter. It is required so that the probe of the thermometer can arrive at the center of the flue.

Last but not least, you should put even the double-wall pipe thermometer 18” above the surface of the stove. It would be much better for the convenience of your wood stove.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does burning salt clean a chimney?

Leave a bit salt in the flames of fire when it burns. The salt comes together with the water in the burning wood to produce an unprotected and defenseless acid that turns around and fades the tiny amount of creosote. Sodium chloride can solve this problem.

2. What Is The Ideal Temperature For Wood Stove?

We suggest you should keep the temperature span between 110 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It is worthy of note that wood stoves permit for profitable and productive regulation of airflow. By supervising to what extent air comes in, you decide how slowly the wood should burn.

3. What happens If Wood Stove Gets Too Hot?

Its outline is so strong. But if you burn a wood stove for a longer period on the regular basis, it surely may cause serious harm to several parts of the stove in the long run, whereas if you burn it slowly, it set fires tiny for the stove, it might result in a productively burning fire.

4. Will Creosote Burns Off?

An excessive fire will burnout any creosote that might be generated overnight. If it is done on the daily basis, and carefully regulated, every morning burn-out poses no threat. But if nevertheless, the creosotes are not burned out daily, it is most likely to build swiftly to where it is destructive in starting a terrific fire.

5. Will A Chimney Fire Burn Itself Out?

Yes. It will. The substances in the chimney will ultimately burn off and take out. But it also might burn some components of the home that is in touch with the chimney on fire. Even it may result in chimney crack. It is better now to sprinkle water under the chimney.

6. Is Newer Wood Stove More Efficient?

The manufacturing companies of the stove have enhanced the combustion technologies over time, and nowadays some recent stoves have authenticated emissions in the 1 to 4 g/h range. While comparing models, try to seek the EPI white level in the stove. A lower g/h grading indicates that it is a fresher, cleaner, and more effective and profitable wood stove.


A wood stove temperature is an outstanding tool that will help you smoothly adjust the temperature inside your stove. It is not only a precision device but is also an efficient instructor in specifying if the desired temperature has been surpassed.

The wood stove thermometer is always meant to effectively exhibit you the temperature inside your stove and provide the opportunity of smooth-to-read zones for sharp reference of the operating efficiency of your stove. So, you are free to pick any from our list of the most affordable and best wood stove thermometer.

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