13 Most Elegant And Best Table Lamps For Living Rooms In 2020

Table Lamp! Table Lamp! Table Lamp!  As if it’s been a “Buzzword” everywhere! Isn’t it? But the fact is, “Have you thought of which are  the most beautiful and best table lamps for your living rooms ever on the planet?” If not, you’re, I’m sure, going to love this article.

Just read on.

Eye-catching table lamps create a gentle light-shade atmosphere and spread serenity in the room.

Who does not love to decorate his sweet home, or augment the interior beauty of his humble living room? In doing so, the best table lamps for the living room are, no doubt, AN ABSOLUTE MUST?

So, if you want wholeheartedly to elevate your room’s décor, get fastidious in boosting up the beauty of the table lamp.


Best Table Lamps For Living Rooms

  • Diameter
  • Charging Port
  • Warranty

Limelights LT2024-TAN Brushed Steel Lamp

Limelights LT2024-TAN Brushed Steel Lamp

  • 8.27”
  • Yes
  • No
Valuable One

Kenroy Home 30437BRZ Classic Table Lamp

Kenroy Home 30437BRZ Table Lamp

  • 17”
  • No
  • Yes
Good One

Kenroy Home Rustic Table Lamp

Kenroy Home Rustic Table Lamp Good Finish

  • 15”
  • No
  • Yes

So, Let’s Have A Glance At  A Quick Preview Of The Most Eye-Catching And Best Table Lamps For Living Room As Follows: 

You may want to purchase a perfect table lamp today to spread a dim light in the living room at night or to illuminate the study table, but how would you select the best one?  The markets are packed with varied sorts of table lamps, such as metal, bamboo, paper,  cane, wood, cloth, porcelain table lamps, and lampshades. Just stick with me and know how to get the most elegant lamps after your heart.

1. Oneach USB Table Lamp Set of 2 Modern Bedside Desk Lamp

Oneach USB Table Lamp Set of 2 Modern Bedside Desk Lamp

Key Features:

  • Oneach USB Table Lamp is one the most elegant end table lamps for the living room the combination of three dynamic colors: black, blue, and silver. It looks so pleasant-looking.
  • Each lamp is 24″ high and the bases are 5″ wide. 11″ is its shades with the modern style of minimalism. It’s a perfect fit for living rooms, bedrooms, reading rooms, and offices.
  • It would be an excellent aid for you along with your family. One of its worth-mentioning features is it is with USB Port for charging. So, anytime you can derive benefit from it for charging your phone, watches.
  • Consumers’ satisfaction is its prime objective. Each lamp is committed to paying a two-year warranty. So you may feel free to contact anyone and anytime whatever problem you meet.
  • A perfect table lamp for any modern home, workstation, and living room.
  • Each one has a USB port for charging.
  • This lamp set gives a delicate feel to your living room.
  • It is so robust in making.
  • It assures a long-life service.
  • Has a multiple color variation. It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • A bit expensive.

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2. Limelights LT2024-TAN Brushed Steel Lamp

Limelights LT2024-TAN Brushed Steel Lamp

Key Features:

  • Limelights LT2024-TAN Brushed Steel Lamp is a ‘table lamp tall’ lamp at affordable price.
  • This is a fun and fashionable lamp featuring a brushed steel base as well as a tan fabric shade.
  • Its shade diameter is 8.27″ and height is 19.29″. It’s equipped with a couple of outlets placed on its base. So, you can easily charge your cell phone, iPod, iPad, etc.
  • It will sprinkle a fabulous flair to any living room, especially in the living room.
  • It’s available with multiple colors and buying options.
  • Outstanding charging outlet.
  • A good fit for any place.
  • The price is a bit economic.
  • It has no included bulb.

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3. Signature Design by Ashley – Niobe Ceramic Table Lamp

Signature Design by Ashley – Niobe Ceramic Table Lamp

Key Features:

  • Signature Design by Ashley – Niobe Ceramic Table Lamp comprises a pair of ceramic table lamps equipped with a combination of cool and warm earthtones.
  • It measures (15 W×15 D×28 H) inches and requires 150 watts max or CFL 25 watts max.
  • This one is one of the tallest and most splendid table lamps for the living room. It will adorn your home sofa and office desk.
  • It’s high-tech, energetic, and cozy to use and looks bright.
  • An awesome desk partner for office and living room.
  • Flexible design.
  • Tasteful product.
  • Excellent lighting capacity.
  • It is a multicolored lamp.
  • A bit expensive.

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4. Kenroy Home 30437BRZ Classic Table Lamp

Kenroy Home 30437BRZ Classic Table Lamp

Key Features:

  • Kenroy Home 30737 Classic Table Lamp is another high-tech as well as a powerful lamp. It’s absolutely an excellent fit for any place in your pavilion including the living room, drawing room, and reading rooms.
  • It looks a bit traditional. Its height is 30 inch and the diameter is 17 inches. Its access to brightness adjustment is easy to reach with this two-pull- chain extension; you can operate independently its two light sockets.
  • It has an elegant 17-inch white natural linen shade off this modern lighting for an ambient, charming light that requires a bulb of 100 watts or an LED equivalent bulb.
  • It is a decorative end table lamp that is the epitome of enhancing the beauty of your living room or bedroom lighting.
  • For the customer’s satisfaction, it also comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It’s a very luxurious decorative end table lamp.
  • It can be stationed at any place in your home or office.
  • It fits your living room well. Also, it can be a good option to choose for a reading room, bedroom, etc.
  • It has random access to illumination adjustment.
  • It has two pull chain extensions.
  • It has two light sockets too and that can be independently operated.
  • Certified & authenticated by US Consumer Care Team.
  • The price is comparatively expensive.
  • It consumes more power.

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5.  Simple Designs Home LT3052-GRY Shades of Gray Ceramic Stone Table Lamp

Simple Designs Home LT3052-GRY Shades of Gray Ceramic Stone Table Lamp

Key features:

  • The Simple Designs Gray Ceramic Stone Table Lamp is a fixture of fashion lighting. It suits almost all types of home places, especially for living room interiors and offices.
  • As it possesses an incandescent bulb, this is undoubtedly an excellent fit for you if you are a bookworm and have an unquenchable thirst for reading.
  • You can find it easier to light up your living room, bedroom, office, dorm, and so on just using its useful accessory.
  • This stylish table lamp has a dimension of (11″ H×3″ W×5″D) and comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It is stylish and cozy to use.
  • It has a gray ceramic stone base
  • shades which prove to be
  • strong enough.
  • Compact and small in size.
  • No warranty.
  • More power consumers.

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6. SUNY 7 Colors Dimmable Bedroom Nightstand Lamps

SUNY 7 Colors Dimmable Bedroom Nightstand Lamps

Key Features:

  • SUNY 7 Colors Dimmable Bedroom Nightstand Lamp is one of the most appealing, wondrous, round, small but powerful table lamps with 6 lighting effects.
  • It appears to be much impressive because it has a musical 7 colors. Also, its circle framing is a unique fit.
  • It goes better for the bedroom as it is a dimmable nightstand lamp, but it’s will suit your living room well.
  • Its 7 colors include warm white, red, blue, yellow, aquamarine, and pink.
  • This table lamp shuffles multiple colors and effect modes for your priority of the FR remote.
  • It comes with after-sales services and a one-year warranty.
  • It is quite a comely seven-color table lamp.
  • It gives ultra-long service life.
  • It offers a professional after-sale service.
  • It has a modern warm light.
  • It provides a remote control service.
  • 6 exquisite lighting effect modes.
  • Cheaper Price.
  • It consumes more power.

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7. Oneach Modern Table Lamp

Oneach Modern Table Lamp

Key Features:

  • Oneach Modern Table Lamp is a requisite-looking ultra-modern, high-tech table lamp that is meant to be placed in the reading room. It is so ostentatious to look at.
  • It’s a lamp of the high-quality metallic body, elegant fabric shade. Its base is robust either. You will notice a unique touch of elegance. It will add extra color to your living room too. Its white drum shade makes it more gorgeous.
  • Its pull-chain switch can turn the light on and off without having to get up and switch the flip. This little table lamp, as its height is overall 20″, take a little less space. It will fit your desk of the living room or nightstand perfectly.
  • As it has an E26 socket, this reading-lamp or beautiful table lamps for reading rooms is perfectly agreeing with a wide variety of incandescent, halogen, LED, and CFL bulbs.
  • Each table lamp is labeled with a 2-year warranty! And if for any logical reason, you are dissatisfied with the products, you are always free to contact the authority concerned.
  • It is easy to operate this lamp set with its pull chain switch.
  • It is a perfect fit for the office desk or nightstand of the living room.
  • It can be easily fixed anywhere inside your home. Good fit as bedside table reading lamps for living room. Economic pricing.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • No bulb is included.

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8. Set of Two 27″ Table Lamps

Set of Two 27" Table Lamps

Key Features:

  • Set of Two 27″ Table Lamp is a classically designed with simple, tiny but so sharp table lamp. This is a comely table lamp set colorfully illuminating any desk or nightstand.
  • Its placement is versatile. You can put such table lamps with a 6-foot cord anywhere in your sweet home.
  • The on and off switch of this lamp set is conveniently fixed on its socket. It is so cozy to use.
  • Bronze Finish, Beige Shades
  • It has an awesome accent for any place; the delicate and simplistic pattern is an elegant contemporary for ancestral and modern abodes alike.
  • It requires a 2×E26 /Medium Base 60 watts Bulb that is separately sold.
  • It is a perfect accent light.
  • It illuminates the living room or the nightstand.
  • The on/off switch is beautifully situated on its lamp socket.
  • Its placement area is everywhere.
  • It does not come with any warranty.

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9. Ben Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 Dark Bronze Metal Beige Linen Drum Shade for Living Room Family Bedroom Bedside – Regency Hill

Ben Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 Dark Bronze Metal Beige Linen Drum Shade for Living Room Family Bedroom Bedside - Regency Hill

Key Features:

  • Ben Traditional Table Lamp is a gorgeous conventional lamp for the living room and family bedroom.
  • It also a metal-bodied table lamp with 25″ height. Its bases are 5″ wide. 10″ across the top × 12″ across the bottom× 9″ high is its shade. This lamp’s shade is Beige Linen drum having black cords with 8-foot length.
  • Dark bronze metal linen drum shade.
  • Every lamp possesses a maximum 100W and standard medium base bulb that is not included. On/off switches are on its sockets.
  • It’s a formal, fashionable style lamp set from the Regency Hills Brand. Bases are of Dark bronze finish and made of metal.
  • It’s also has a strong build quality because of its metal construction.
  • Every lamp is with a maximum 100-watt standard base bulb.
  • This set is perfect for the living room family bedroom.
  • It can be easily operated as the on-off switch is on sockets.
  • Cords are black and 8-foot long.
  • More power consumers

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10. Mariana Poly Traditional Antique Brown Table Lamps 

Mariana Poly Traditional Antique Brown Table Lamps 

Key Features:

  • Signature Design by Ashley L372944 – Mariana Poly Table Lamp is one of the traditional but stunning table lamps for living rooms in feature which is constructed with the loving vine motif, curling, and turning in gorgeous loops.
  • If you want to eke out the beauty with the touch of sophistication, you should go for this lamp. It will make your the ambiance of home more attractive and brighten luminously.
  • This table lamp has been specially designed for living rooms or small bedrooms. It also has a 3-way switch and measures 15.75″ W×15.75″ D×28.5″ H having an ideal nightstand and office desk.
  • This table lamp is a manageable tool to boost up the serenity of your living room. It will enhance your room’s decor.
  • It is designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries and this industry comes always best in packaging, protecting, and delivering the purchase on time.
  • It will add extra elegance to your home decoration because of its exquisiteness in appearance.
  • There is an antique golden vine band around it and it obtains the traditional glimpse.
  • Its scrolling vine band produces a glimmer of elegance and looks more appealing.
  • It is produced by Ashley Furniture that is a reliable manufacturer.
  • Expensive pricing.

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11. USB Touch Bedside Lamp, Kakanuo Dimmable Nightstand Decorative Lamp 

USB Touch Bedside Lamp, Kakanuo Dimmable Nightstand Decorative Lamp 

Key Features:

  • USB Touch Bedside Lamp is also one of the most stunning dimmable nightstand decorative best table lamps for living rooms with dual fast USB charging ports which are a great fit to snatch away.
  • It is meant for especially for the living room, bedroom, office, and reading room.
  • It is a touch-operated table lamp. To modify the brightness, you can touch on any part of its base.
  • This Crystal touch lamp with USB ports offers three layers of radiance (Low, Medium, High) so that you could adopt a variation of usage procedures: The high light is significant for studying or working and the medium/ low one can be handily lit during sleep.
  • Kakanuo always believes in quality and strive to offer excellent indoor as well as outdoor lighting components to the buyers. And if you find any difficulties, you can easily fix it.
  • It’s dimmable and wherever you touch on its body, it will help you adjust the brightness as per your requirements.
  • The most crucial merit of it is that it is an eye protected.
  • LED Bulb is included.
  • It can be used as a bedroom, living room, workstations, offices, etc.
  • It is a better option for decoration.
  • Dual fast USB Charging Ports are an extra feature!
  • Comparatively less costly.
  • N/A

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12. Kenroy Home Rustic Table Lamp

Kenroy Home Rustic Table Lamp

Key Features:

  • Kenroy Home Rustic Table Lamp is the most attractive table lamps I have ever witnessed. It’s extremely charming to glance at as it has been framed with the inspiration of nature what we can come to realize when we look at it lead-shaped finial.
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • This lamp exudes from toe to head to be looking like a stunning complexion. Its height is 31″ and diameter is 15″ with oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • This vintage table lamp is outstanding for reading and puts in a soothing atmosphere to a family living room chatter. And its golden tapered shade offers a warm, ambient, and luring light.
  • It has also a 3-way switch which ratifies for high, medium, and low.
  • This traditional and classic table lamp is aptly eligible for living room end tables and the nightstands of the bedroom.
  • This vintage table lamp is marvelous for reading or living room adds an appealing atmosphere to a family gathering.
  • This is a nature-inspired table lamp. It looks fabulous because of its rustic touch.
  • The golden shade of the lamp gives a warm, delicate, appealing light.
  • It has a 3-way switch.
  • Too costly
  • It does not come with a warranty.

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13. POPILION Elegant Decorative Chrome Living Room Bedside Crystal Table Lamp

POPILION Elegant Decorative Chrome Living Room Bedside Crystal Table Lamp

Key Features:

  • POPILION Elegant Decorative Chrome Living Room Bedside Crystal Table Lamp is the most luxurious, concise, tumbler table lamps for living rooms, inherently fashioned in each stylish scene.
  • Its diameter and height are 8″ and 17″ respectively; AC 120V.
  • This product is the essence of high-quality raw materials.
  • It requires a simple assembly. It needs to compile every strand. It is operated with CFL, LED, and incandescent medium base bulbs.
  • The authentication of this product is certified by the ELT safety system of the USA. You can easily rest upon it.
  • This lamp is a precise, elegant, purified crystal lamp. One of the best living rooms table lamps.
  • The light transmittance is pretty good.
  • It has a class of polished and refined processes.
  • Certified and authenticated by the ELT Safety System of the USA.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • It also can be used in the bedside living room, bedroom, reading room, etc.
  • For the coffee table too.
  • It comes with no warranty

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Points To Ponder On Before Purchasing Best Living Room Table Lamps: A Buyer’s Comprehensive Guide

Before buying these table lamps or lampshade stores, consider vibrant color, accurate size, and the right placement of your home decor. It is a paramount fact when the issue of excellent adornment of your lovely pavilion comes. So, these should never be disdained.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Best Table Lamps Matters Most

In most cases, people think it’s much harder to pick a suitable living room table lamp size. You might be wondering, how large, or little your lumps should be. Even though it appears to be quite a basic question, it’s simultaneously troublesome as well.

So, to stay away from approximation, a few specific procedures should be driven for the sake of the appropriate lamp size for your living rooms. The followings are the guides that will truly help you assess the accuracy of size as follows:

Average tables and lumps estimate that 28.5″ times 1.5 with tallness of 26.5″. Certainly, it’s a perfectly awesome pairing and an ideal match too. You should take both the base width and the base length of the lamps into account. Get ensured that you are doing the accurate assessment that meets your demands as well as fulfills your requirements.


The brightness of a lamp’s bulb is assessed by lumens it has. You can easily minimize the possibility of flowing a strain your eyes with the modification of a considerable amount of brightness.

On average, with the lamps having 50-75 lumens, you can enjoy a comfortable ambiance while reading or working. In that case, you can go for those lamps which are designed with dimmer switches together with a low or medium or high switch so that you can easily adjust the brightness as per your needs.

 Perfect Lighting

Lighting has also a multitude of variations. It varies model to model. Among the different types of lighting adjustments, several commonly available sets have dimmer control or high-medium-low switches. Quite a few controls will often provide you with the opportunity to accentuate the lighting,  modify the ambiance, and so on.

So, cross-check the adjustable controls inherent in the lamp before the purchase lest you should miss any special features.

Where To Place Is A Fact!

Before buying these table lamps or lampshade stores, consider whether they match with your home decor. The type of table lamp also depends on why you are buying and where to put it. If you want to buy a study, it is important to ensure adequate lighting. If you want to buy to decorate the living room or drawing room again, look at the beauty of the table lamp.

If there is a specific spot where you are intending to keep the light, ensure that the lamp that you select places in that spot effortlessly. To get the best service out of the lamp, it is significant that you put it in the right position.

You ought to keep up a sound distance of about 15-35 inches between the light and the work territory,  depending upon your necessities.

Table lamps were once used only for reading tables in the bedroom. The children used to study when the table lamp was lit at night. That table lamp came up from the reading table all over the room. Especially, it has been our part and parcel for living rooms nowadays.

On the bedside table in the bedroom, in the corner of the dining room, or on one side of the drawing-room. After entering most houses, it comes to our sights that even in the long passage, decorative table lamps are being decorated.

If you need a table lamp to enhance the beauty of the house, then first of all you need to know in which part of the house you will place this table lamp. If you need a table lamp to place on the bedside table in the living room, you should buy a table lamp as small as possible. And its light should be soft and smooth.

Instead of a living room, if you only want to place a standing table lamp in the corner of the bedroom or at the head of the bed, you need to find a lampshade that matches the height of the bed.

The most suitable place to place a variety of lampshades or table lamps is the living room or sleeping room. Usually, if you can put an aesthetically designed table lamp in one corner of the living room, it looks more attractive and much better.

Color Temperature

It is evaluated that the warm light transmits a yellow or white tone while the cool one blue tone. Normal white light is inside 4000-5500K. A work area light in that range can give the ideal light for your eye defensive errands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is warm or cool light better for table reading lamps for living room?

People have a preoccupied belief that warm light is too detrimental to their eyes and they are always prone to cool light.  You believe or not, warm white lights have much more relaxing on the eyes than the soft or cool white ones.

But whenever you are with an intensive task, warm light is surely a better fit for you.

2.How do I choose a table lamp for my living room?

One of the comprehensive criteria to select the best living room table lamp is to notice whether the shade bottom of the lamp is at your eye level or not, while you are seated.

Be meticulous of the build quality. Color complexion should be considered and it rests upon your taste.

3.What kind of light is the best for living room?

When it comes to table lamps for living rooms, warm, ambient lighting can be a good option to choose from.

But table lamps for a reading room or reading lamps require always a focused lamp that can lessen the blinking and eye-strain as it highlights directly on the book pages rather than the surroundings.

4. Should table lamps match in a living room?

It is not necessary to match the table lamps in the living room. It’s alright if you don’t have indistinguishable lamps.

Ensure that they can relate to one another in some ways or the others, be it color if shape, or frame.

5. How Can I Put on my end tables besides lamps?

I am prone to pick tall lamps when it comes to an end table as my ceilings are high. Anyway, you can try out the smaller ones. It works either. But you better focus on how much space upon the sweet table your lamp would occupy.

Maintaining a sound balance between the sizes of lamp and table is paramount. An elegant lamp is the vital avenue of the adornment when you tend to style an end table!


Better Light, Better Life!

Table lamps are nothing but a big décor win!

When you think of home decoration, your mind abruptly jumps to chase after a set of a beautiful table lamp.  A good table lamp is second to none in case of beautification.

On this swamped earth, you are to keep in touch with work more or less in our day-to-day life, be it with backbiting labor or with a bit of comfort. Most often you are beaten and exhausted with weariness and pressure in the workplace.

You are fatigued in work-stress all the day-long. But after returning to your sweet home from piles of work, all the restlessness and exhaustion of your mind disappears in an instant the moment you peek into your living room and see the gentle flickering light of your table lamps twinkling!

The inner soul seems to be filled with purity, euphoria, and agility. As if it brings you to life and fuels your heart to get going with rupture. And for all these things, the best table lamp for the living room is a must.

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