9 Best Garden Hose Foam Gun: A Complete Code Of Car Wash

There is not a single person who doesn’t desire to have a car! Everyone loves to have an elegant car of his own. It’s been a part and parcel of our day to day life. We all want our cars to look fresh, brilliant, and in mint condition as new and your lovely car needs the utmost care if you want to get the best out of it. When it comes to proper car care, the best garden hose foam gun can be a decent fit for you.

A garden hose foam gun can be an effective tool to assist you in providing furnishing lubrication, diminishing scratches, picking dirt and filth out, and help expedite your lovely car in manifold directions.

If you are one of the dedicated car enthusiasts, your main concern will always be around keeping your car properly cleaned and washed, and in doing so, the best garden hose foam gun is surely the best option to choose.


3 Best Garden Hose Foam Guns From The List

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Manufacturer
  • Customer’s Review

Chemical Guys ACC 326 – Torq Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

Chemical Guys ACC 326 – Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

  • 9.09×5.51×5.51”
  • 1.35 Pound
  • Chemical Guys
  • 4.6
Valuable One

MATCC Car Foam Gun Foam Cannon Blaster

MATCC Car Foam Gun Foam Cannon Blaster

  • 9.06×5.5×5.51”
  • 1.65 Pound
  • Yomoid
  • 4.3
Good One

VOLADOR Foam Sprayer, Garden Hose Spray Nozzle Car Wash Foam Gun

VOLADOR Foam Sprayer, Garden Hose Gun

  • 11.65×9.41×2.83”
  • 13.1 Ounce
  • Shenzhen Qianhai Wolande Technology Co.,Ltd
  • 4.2

Below Is A Quick Preview Of The Best Garden Hose Foam Gun: A Buyer’s Approach

Time is precious. Nobody enjoys investing more time in ‘DIY Project’— be it shifting a step from maintenance and supervision project, or gathering finer tools to set up a fence, facilitating your workload – while enhancing the standard of the outcome is the objective of each doer of DIY. This is one of the vital reasons why people love using a garden hose foam gun as a first-aid tool to wash their vehicles or cars.

Here is a quick skinny of the best garden hose foam guns to help you know the best products and you can surely derive benefits from them.

1.Chemical Guys ACC 326 – Torq Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

Chemical Guys ACC 326 – Torq Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

This garden hose foam gun is a requisite fun and simple tool for washing your car. This foam gun produces awesome suds that help lessen filth, dirt, and grime for a superwash. This inventive Foam Bluster 6 has been manufactured got higher performance in washing. Just sprinkle 2 ounces of your favorite car wash shampoo to produce compelling car wash foam.

This foam gun makes cleaning and washing any vehicles including car, motorcycle, truck, RV, and truck effective and comfortable. The purified foam produced by the foam gun eliminates any dirt and grime when lessening the chances of scratching the paintwork. It also permits the foam to creep into the narrowest spots to diminish grime & dirt. This robust product is built to perform and last longer.

The precise spray handle helps you swiftly wash or rinse your car or any type of vehicle with an easier trigger handle that accelerates washing. This car wash foam gun can make the weekly washing a foam blasting party. Its capacity is 32 fluid ounces and it takes 20 to 40 minutes to be performed.

  • The foam concentration of this foam gun is perfectly adjustable.
  • This is the number one brand in a car wash.
  • Foamy fun and the best cleaning tool.
  • It has a precise spray handle that helps rinse your car swiftly.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • You are free to request for the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Not budget-friendly.

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2. MATCC Car Foam Gun Foam Cannon Blaster

MATCC Car Foam Gun Foam Cannon Blaster

MATCC pressure wash gun is another superb foam gun that offers more professional car care tools and it centers professional cr care parts. You can easily take care of your loving car by yourself.

It gives plentiful adapters suitable for various pressure wash machines. It produces great foam for bathing your car and can be effortlessly attached to the garden hose. It has multiple usages. You can use it to wash your windows, floor, car, etc. You can water plants and flowers.

It is ideal for those who are dedicated car enthusiasts. As it is with double filters, it can easily filter particles in soap & water. It is inscribed with an excellent adjustable dial, rust-proof, and brass material. It is easier to install and operate. It has durability and fit the garden hose.

  • Installation is easier to do.
  • It needs no pressure washer.
  • Double filters.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty and has no risk.
  • Customers satisfaction.
  • It’s a high-quality brass connection.
  • It has multiple uses.
  • It has 2 connections for foam wash and a decent adjustable dial.
  • Easier to operate.
  • Endures bit less pressure.

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3. VOLADOR Foam Sprayer, Garden Hose Spray Nozzle Car Wash Foam Gun

VOLADOR Foam Sprayer, Garden Hose Spray Nozzle Car Wash Foam Gun

This is a great foam gun with an excellent adjustable spray pattern having 2 in 1nozzle sprayer with the garden hose. It would save money from spending the additional cost of a foam gun or nozzle. Whirl the foam nozzle dial to select from eight sorts of spouts: shower, jet, center, flat, stream, rinse, cone, and most. You don’t have to spend money on car care more. You will have a VOLDOR out of the sprayer vehicle washing kit. It is used to wash and polish your car. It would be so quick to get your job done.

This foam gun has been designed ergonomically. The washer trigger self of this foam gun locks when clicking on. You don’t have to keep squeezing the trigger always while washing. Simply click it down to begin to perform again click to turn off, which makes your car wash easy and comfortable.

Even you use your foam sprayer for the roof, plants, window, driveway, lawn watering, pets showering and car washing and this foam gun fixes 2 distinct sorts of hoses through a removable adapter. Attach it to your garden hose. You will get immediate feedback.

  • This foam gun has a powerful adjustable spray pattern.
  • You can use it for multiple purposes.
  • It will save both your money and time.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Exceptionally soft, absorbent, and exa plus.
  • A perfect fit for you to wash, clean, polish your car.
  • It offers no warranty.

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4. SudMagic Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Gun 

SudMagic Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Gun

This is a modern foam cannon or lance. The brass threaded bottle of it comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike plastics options, It would not strip out. For the best performance, 1.1 mm & 1.25mm orifice is comprised of electric as well as a gas pressure washer. The stainless steel filter avoids rust and corrosion, making sure that thicker foam is produced for much future wash. It is enduring, eternal brass components and it will curtail routines if washing.

This foam cannon is the best hydro foaming lance for blanketing or covering your entire car in thicker foam suds. Applying an inventive, brass threaded HDPE bottle, this foam cannon has been made to be the most effective, enduring, duper performing foam cannon. This brass threaded bottle would never strip.

This Foam cannon is also super adjustable. The front nozzle lets the customer modify or justify the vertical height of the foam spray. The top knob permits you to fix the water to soap ratio, that enables you to enhance or lessen the density of your foam spray.

It is blessed with a ¼ “ quick connector and is patterned to get used with pressure washers that would not surpass 3200 PSI or 5.3 GPM.

  • It has an adjustable foam nozzle and thicker foam.
  • Its brass threaded bottle comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It also has permanent brass threads that would never be unbent or unpicked. I
  • It will blanket your car with thicker foam.
  • Stainless steel filters of this foam cannon avoid rust and corrosion.
  • No warranty

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5. Adam’s Standard Foam Gun 

Adam’s Standard Foam Gun 

Adam’s standard foam gun is of super premium construction. It is made up of higher quality chemical safe plastic combat cracking and fading. It is equipped with a spray nozzle having a quick connect handle to create thicker foam for your car cleaning and washing. You do not need a pressure wash, for it performs with a premium garden hose.

With this foam cannon, you need no worries about not having the canister with every transfer of shampoo. The larger opening of this cannon’s mouth has been built with the assurance that anyone might provide this gun its special food & drink – wash soap and water.

This foam canon comes with 3 distinct metering tips, that influence the flowing rate of how swiftly the soap is pulled from the canister and onto the car. We suggest you begin with the yellow metering tip and then fixing them to the green or blue metering tips for the water supply as per your needs. If you want, you also might operate the foam gun or cannon with no metering tip uninstalled. Applying the foam gun with no metering tip is likely to produce an ample amount of foam, but it would also step through the canister more swiftly based on the size of the car.

  • It had a cost-effective tool to clean and wash your car with soap wash.
  • It requires no pressure washer.
  • It is blessed with a huge amount of suds.
  • It has 32-ounce canisters for extensive car washing, polishing, and cleaning.
  • It has a wide foam sprayer for best performance and maximum coverage.
  • It is made in the USA and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
  • It does not come with any warranty.

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6. Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II Multi-Ratio Spray Gun

Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II Multi-Ratio Spray Gun

This is another excellent car that was a foam gun using 4 ounces of chemicals per gallon of water. It is super chemical resistant and it perfectly blends and sprays foaming chemicals. As a fun spray is involved, it enhances the comfort of performance. You will be able to perform effortlessly. The quick dial chooses to mix ratio or mix offsetting.

  • It perfectly mixes and sprays foaming chemicals.
  • A fun spray deflector is involved.
  • It is chemical resistant.
  • It has a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • It has 3-color-combination.
  • N/A

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7. MTM Hydro PF22 Professional Foam Cannon

MTM Hydro PF22 Professional Foam Cannon

The invention and creativity of the PF-22 foam cannon consist of the nozzle. This foam cannon provides not only perfectly adjustable fun blades but also now provides an efficient adjustable vertical and horizontal spray pattern as it sprinkles thicker foam onto your car, vehicles, sidewalk, fences, roof, etc. The top mob of this foam gun authorizes proper chemicals to be pulled out through the internal chamber, boosting and lessening the foam key.

This lets the internal instigator or agitator produce a thick foam. If it can not prove MTM Hydro on the nozzle, this is not the standard quality you want.

  • It is made up of quality materials.
  • It’s durable and robust.
  • It is easy to use and install.
  • Its adjustable fan blades are jet-wide.
  • It has a modern ergonomic comfortable grip bottle.
  • Its chemical injection knob is also perfectly adjustable.
  • Reproductive damage.

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8. Car Wash Foam Gun, Adjustable Hose Wash Sprayer

Car Wash Foam Gun, Adjustable Hose Wash Sprayer

This foam gun is designed with a quick connector. It would be easier for you to attach your garden hose swiftly. If the hose you choose is American Standard Thread 3/4’, you could easily unscrew the connection with a wrench, and again you may attach your hose soon. The foam of this gun helps take the filth and grime subtly away from the paint with no bad scratching. This washing gun renders any vehicle wash into a foaming bubble party. It will never scratch the paint of vehicles for offering nest care for the car.

The foaming stick it has might be fixed in any direction, be it parallel or vertical. A bottle of 900ml can best clean your lovely car with no additional detergent. As foam bluster possesses a gear fixation dial, the flow of foam might be lessened or enhanced by altering the dial. Low-pressure washer suds producer helps spray foam or water. It is much simpler to apply to mix some soap with water to the barrel and attaching the garden hose. It just takes quite a few minutes to clean and wash your vehicle.

  • This garden hose foam gun is one of the best car care tools.
  • It has an easier hose connection.
  • Set-up is easier.
  • Easy to install.
  • Its wash mitt will make your work easier and more effective.
  • It will fill most hose.
  • Its foaming stick is more adjustable and higher.
  • Water pressure is also perfectly adjustable.
  • It is eligible for almost all garden hoses.
  • It has no warranty.

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9. SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer

SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer

This amusing car wash tool is a must-have for any effective & practical household and the professional car care industry. This equipment is built with stunning quality and with no leakage in design and is eligible for neat surfaces. It will never scratch car paint, rooftops, windows, walls, simultaneously offering professional cleaning outcomes. This customer-friendly design will pull you in and make you fall in love with this foam cannon as well as its diversity.

This foam gun is prettily in line with the most standard garden hose. It is a multi-directional and diversified equipment and a perfect fit for almost all types of vehicles regarding cats, tracks, micro, motorcycle, etc. Even it will help water plants, wash equipment, household items. It has adjustable foam Cannon whose handle can be maneuvered effortlessly.

  • Premium cleaning sprayer.
  • It is an excellent fit for any vehicle.
  • Its soap foam concentration is super adjustable.
  • It fixes most garden hose.
  • It will help wash your car more swiftly.
  • It can attach to any garden hose without any damage.
  • Versatile and multipurpose.
  • It had no leakage.
  • It has double filters.
  • Easier installation.
  • Comes with no warranty

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Crucial Factors Your Eyes Should Be Kept On When Picking Up The Best Garden Hose Foam Gun

Exploring a decent product as per your requirements is not just walking in the park. This is an arduous job and it needs extra effort. But the interesting fact is this hard job becomes easier when you know how to do and where to focus. Now I am going to tell you which factors you should take into account and focus on. Are you excited? If so, then no more ado. Just let’s get down to the peak!


Several products are always ready to move from the foam to water simply within a single click of a button, whereas some need sharp controlling to get operated.

If you prefer such aptitudes, just approach those products that possess them. and have that press for regulating the consistency. It may cost you a tad bit extra but provide efficiency.


The pressure is essential for long-term effective usage. If you want to escape yourself from being fatigued, approach the low-pressure product. But if you are ready for a bit of effort, the high-pressure product is the best choice.

Added pH level

If you are prone to work for a longer period, then the pH level is an important fact as it plays a vital role. But, if the foam gun you chose adds pH to your mixture, then you may stay away from it.


Getting the best out of a foam gun with a garden hose should be the matter of your prime concern. Often some foam guns don not aid the garden hose. So bear in mind just before purchasing.


The filter also matters. A filter is crucial because it also plays a huge role by helping eliminate particles from the mixture that enhance the possibility of minor damage to your sweet home. So picking up a product with mono or double filter would be a good decision.


When buying a garden hose foam gun, the budget is a fact worth considering. You should think of the budget and the budget varies evaluating compatibility, filters, and adjustability.

Cross-check the key features again and again as per your needs. Set your budget depending on that and approach the best one.

How To Use A Garden Hose Foam Gun?

You might purchase the best garden hose foam gun, but if you are not notified of the ways it is used properly, you may go a bit confused about the tool. Considering the fact we attempt to provide you with several steps that will help you effectively operate the foam gun and enjoy the best out of it.

Step 01 – Collect Several Supplies

The first thing that you want to do when you are getting ready to use your foam sprayer to wash your car is to gather the garden hose. But to be sure, make sure you have the following.

At first, what you need to do right after getting ready to operate your foam gun wash up your car is just to collect some suppliers that are required. Almost all the foam guns come with all the things you require, only except the garden hose. But just to stay assured, ensure that the followings belong to you.

  • Garden Hose
  • Spray Nozzle
  • The Foam Gun Soap Barrel
  • Quick Connect
  • Spray Foam Attachments

Step 02 – Choose The Perfect Soap or Car Shampoo

Typically, there are two distinct sorts of foam win soaps are available in the market as follows:

  1. Maintenance Soap
  2. Foaming Shampoo

Between the two, maintenance soap is the conventional soap that you usually put in the pail. Foaming shampoo is sold specially for a foam gun as it holds quicker foaming process. Attempt to pick a ph balanced soap to make sure that you would not harm wax or coating on the vehicle.

Step 03 – Mingling The Shampoo or Soap

Several garden hose foam guns seem more lenient when it comes to putting in the soap, engulf the barrel, adjust water level or percentage, and then begin to work and the other are a bit more intricate, and you need to blend water into the shampoo or soap just before entering it into the foam sprayer.

Keep your eyes on the instructions that are labeled on the soap you bought to make sure that your solution ratio is correct.

Step 04 – Mix Water to the Foam Gun Barrel In Duly Proportion

Based on the foam gun that you picked up, this can be an insignificant stride. If the goal gun you took needs you to add some water to the soap before you start spraying, there is a correct and incorrect way to do so. Don’t add the soap into the container or barrel. Pour water into the container. It will help the soap foam up and produce much more foam, leading to there not being sufficient to spray in your lovely car.

Rejuvenate the washing bucket with fresh and plain water instead and then set it aside. Sprinkle soap into the container or barrel as long as the barrel is restored to the expected level. One more way to enter the water into the barrel first and then sprinkle the soap.

Step 05 – Fix The Spray Nozzle & Garden Hose

If your soap is once prepared, follow up the directions for your particular foam sprayer and fix the nozzle to the container and connect the garden hose to the right foam sprayer. Now you are perfectly prepared to wash up and clean your car.

Just stride ahead with these effective steps and try to select the best garden hose foam gun available around. Hope you don’t have to encounter any complexities.

Does A Foam Gun Differ From A Foam Cannon? If So, Which One Is Better?

Whether you will make any investment in your car care tool or not is all up to your personal preference. Anyway, one very conspicuous car care tool has recently appeared and that is a garden hose foam gun.

This accessory to your typical garden or industrially strong spray nozzle on a garden hose is built-in mixing washing soap, scatter a thick layer of wash shampoo foam on the car texture before washing it.

This is the same thing that a foam cannon does. Notwithstanding that, there exists some confusion between a garden hose foam gun with a foam cannon. Which one is better?

Delivering Water to the Foam Barrel

The prime dissimilarity between a foam gun and a foam cannon is the way of ‘delivering’ water to the foam barrel.

A foam gun requires a standard garden hose having a custom attachment on the nozzle tip, whereas a foam cannon is affixed to a high-pressure garden hose and a pressure washer.

Boons of High-Pressure Spray Nozzle

In general, a high-pressure spray nozzle & volume is intended to beat up the soap quicker, more effectively, and normally, produce heavier foam soap suds for wiping out grime and filth. Even it helps deduct swirl marks when it is fixed properly.

To be factual, now you would surely not approach a foam gun or cannon having a waterless car wash. The question is, “Is the additional soap volume and suds would enhance the washing capability or rinse your lovely care finer?”

Well, no. Not exactly.

Truth be told, there is no scientific indication or evidence that foam out of a gun is better than that out of a cannon. They both primarily are meant for pre-soaking your car surface that has a thick layer of car soap or shampoo.

The best thing is that if once fixed, the foam would start lessening impurities and pollutants, helping annihilate dirty, filth, bird droppings, debris, bug splatters, and so on. Then you may wash up your car as usual, and dry up with microfiber towels, drying towel up, or the methods of air drying.

Which Is Better- Foam Gun Or Foam Cannon?

Choosing the best one may be a bit difficult for you. It may be a bit tricky decision to take. But it is not as tough as most people think it to be. You just have to decide which one you would purchase based on a few factors. If you have picked any pressure washer, then choosing a garden hose foam gun will be the right decision. It will work best for you now.

But if you have not, you should approach a foam cannon though it needs your a bit more extra time to set up before each. But it surely works well under that condition and offers you plentiful safety and efficiency. So both are suitable for your performance. Just approach anyone depending on this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A Foam Cannon Necessary?

Yes. It is. A foam cannon is surely worth it! It is necessary when you want your car to look shiny and original. It helps eliminate a huge amount of filth and dirt that might otherwise scratch the lovely car belonging to you.

Is A Foam Gun Necessary?

Not exactly. Just based on how you apply it and how you touch paint, it might lessen marring or scratches. If you are approaching a foam gun just to pre-soak, simply stop spending money.

Can I Put Any Soap In A Foam Gun?

Yes. You can. It is totally up to you. You are free to apply any car soaps or shampoos o in a foam gun. Some of them will produce more foam and the others won’t. But I suggest you choose the best soap for your car such as ProCarrol Reset.

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Deck?

Most home supervision contractors or designers suggest power washing your deck once a year. At least a yearly wash would keel your car in fresh condition, reducing the proliferation of filth, dirt, business, or algae growth.


A foam gun is simply an amusing car care tool especially when it comes to an excellent car wash accessory. If you wholeheartedly want your car to look its best, a foam gun is absolutely an efficient tool that will help keep your car clean, wash, and perfectly polish as new. It will always be active to remove the dirt and filth from your car paint and keep your lovely car away from scratch.

The efficiencies and effectiveness of a foam gun for washing have been one of the most questions of the bone of connection in the detailing industry years after years. Some evaluate it soap sucker, that doesn’t put much importance, while others can’t think of washing a car but one. So if you are a dedicated car enthusiast, we recommend you approach one of the above.

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