The Essentials Of 08 Best Anti Tip Furniture Straps In 2021

The Essentials Of 08 Best Anti Tip Furniture Straps In 2021

Are you insanely panic-stricken with the tip-over of your innocent kids? Want your lovely furniture to be highly secure? No worries at all. Here are the best anti tip furniture straps for you!

Every 24 minutes, a child in the United States is becoming mortally wounded out of a falling TV or a piece of furniture!

Most often the curious children or the elders get seriously injured while tipping over heavy furniture like TVs, drawers, wardrobe, and so on. Even it results in children’s death to some extent when they fall on kids as they can not control their heavyweight, but in this case, furniture anti tip straps will be a great safety win!

Likewise, the best anti tip furniture strap will be a good fit for earthquakes and anti-theft protection. Besides anchoring your heavier, wider, larger, and taller furniture to save from falling down due to earthquakes, or roughhousing, it will be of immense aid for protecting your pets if you are a pet lover.

So, considering all these facts, we have tried to seek out the best anti tip furniture straps to help you save from those unwanted sufferings. Just scroll down.


Top 3 Best Anti Tip Furniture Straps

  • Item Dimensions
  • Item Weight
  • Our Ratings

Furniture Straps [10 Pack] Baby Proofing Anti Tip Furniture Anchors Kit

Furniture Straps [10 Pack] Furniture

  • 9.84×4.25×0.79 inches
  • 5.6 ounces
  • 4.6 out of 5
Valuable One

Furniture Straps (6-Pack) – wall Anchor

Furniture Straps (6-Pack) – wall Anchor

  • 5.6×3.62×1.25 inches
  • 1.6 ounces
  • 4.7 out of 5
Good One

Hangman Anti-Tip Kit - 400 Pound Falling Furniture

Hangman Anti-Tip Kit - Falling Furniture

  • 4.9×1.3×2.9 inches
  • 3.52 ounces
  • 4.6 out of 5

A Quick List Of The Best Furniture Safety Straps

All your furniture needs to be secured to the wall because you can’t tell by looking at the pieces of any piece of furniture (or a TV) that have been torn to pieces. No matter how short or long it is, how heavy or light it is, who made it, where you bought it, how long you keep it, or how safe it is.

It is a destructive misconception that only light and low-cost dressers are the only furniture at risk. Children along with adults/elders have been killed outside the bedroom by dredgers, wardrobes, bookcase /shelving units, TV stands/entertainment units, and other pieces of furniture.

01.Furniture Straps [10 Pack] Baby Proofing Anti Tip Furniture Anchors Kit

Furniture Straps [10 Pack] Baby Proofing Anti Tip Furniture Anchors Kit

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This incredible Baby Proofing Furniture Straps (10 Pack) Kits is a great Anti Tip Furniture For Protecting Children. We all have furniture around our homes that can pose a risk to our children.

All stand-alone ranges should also be secured with an anti-tip device, as kids climb into open oven doors and use it as a step – and always have your back turned! This device comes with 10 adjustable safety strap sets, meeting your multiple needs at home. You will require two straps for each piece of furniture.

The 10 sets include all hardware including adjustable straps, screws, brackets, wall anchors that some other vendors are not offering. Furniture straps are made from high-quality nylon, no cheap plastic, no velcro, and no glue.

The safety straps are detachable and adjustable so that parents can easily and safely clean the back of their child’s furniture when needed. Installation is quick and easy. The anti-tip furniture kits come with user-friendly instructions and all the necessary hardware pieces. So it will become an effective fit to prevent tipping.

  • One of the most powerful anti tip furniture for baby-proofing.
  • Premium quality and heavy-duty furniture safety wall straps.
  • Fast release detachable make moving furniture effortlessly.
  • Effective earthquake-resistant stuff.
  • Safe and sturdy.
  • Easy to install.
  • Ideal for tipping prevention.
  • Pricey.

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02. Furniture Straps (6-Pack) – wall Anchor

Furniture Straps (6-Pack) – wall Anchor

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This is another great anchor for baby proofing and securing your furniture that offers high performance. Join Millions of Parents Investing in a Safe Home! You will no longer have to worry about your children being seriously injured or at risk of death. It has a pack of 6 straps, 12 short screws, 30 TV bolts, 6 long screws, 6 anchors, and 6 washers.

At Skyla, we acknowledge the real cost of your energy and time; That’s why we make your home safer than any other method. Also, everything from the tools needed for installations is included. It is 2-3-5 inches long and the weight limit of the straps is 160lbs. It comes with triple-stitched, detachable ABS belts.

No corners cut, no cost cuts – just a great product built for maximum protection and guaranteed child protection. So ‘don’t give up’ your child’s protection on cheap baby plastic pieces!

Our Childproof ABS Belt is factory-tested and manufactured with only the highest quality materials to give you complete peace of mind – no cheap plastic, no velcro, and no glue! Once these are anchored you will not be able to pull or press the TV.

  • The perfect option for childproofing TV.
  • Great furniture safety anchors.
  • Excellent earthquake-resistant straps.
  • Meant for baby proofing- Extra security kit.
  • Simpler and easier installation.
  • Clear detailed instructions.
  • High-quality materials.
  • It will ensure your peace of mind regarding everyone’s safety.
  • This product will not replace the supervision of adults.

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03. Hangman Anti Tip Kit

 Hangman Anti Tip Kit

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Hangman Product’s anti-tip kit prevents reading on top of furniture. It is great for safely protecting full-length mirrors with file cabinets and walls. It is made of steel and forged steel aircraft wires are easy to install, and is resistant. It includes all the hardware required for installation in all systems. Up to 400lbs.

The wire is long galvanized steel and will certainly not snap. The cable basically connects to the quota pin via a metal eye-hook. The i-hook connects to the wire by crimping. This kit will hold Up to 400lbs.

It will also assist in preventing injury for children and adults. Furniture, filing cabinets, and full-length mirrors really help prevent reading. Another excellent feature of it is that it is heat resistant as it is built with high-grade mesh aircraft steel wire and steel material.

  • Incredible heavy-duty stuff.
  • It ensures the maximum safety of your kids and pets.
  • Effective baby proofing anti tip kit.
  • Effortless installation.
  • All necessary hardware is included.
  • Great tip-over preventer.
  • Ensures peace of the parents’ minds.
  • Clevis pin has no holes.

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04. TV & Furniture Anti Tip Straps

TV & Furniture Anti Tip Straps

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Jesse Leona Baby gives back to the future generation of America. A portion of every sale will go to help children in America and the new lucky ones who are not lucky. Stop settling for less! Homes protected by Jessa Leona have gone to great lengths to design and manufacture the highest quality products.

Every product that we put our name on, we believe in our own home to keep our kids safe! Home protected by Jessa Leona gives you the protection you need to keep your baby safe from one of the most dangerous hazards in your home. Our anti-tip TV straps are made with the highest quality materials, do not use any plastic parts, and bring all the hardware needed to secure your TV or furniture.

This flat screen comes with our unique design with everything you need to secure the TV or furniture. Completely angled metal plates High-quality straps offer efficient angles to hold your TV snag near the wall or the piece of furniture in it. Get all the hardware you need to secure your TV or piece of furniture.

It will create immense peace of mind for you and protect your baby with the safe home of Jessa Leona anti-tip furniture and TV straps. Unlike most of the identical products in various stores and online, these Baby Proofing TV and Furniture Anti Tip Straps are built with premium quality metal parts to ensure more durability. Extreme care has been taken for the durability of the straps.

  • Awesome baby proofer.
  • Effective furniture safety stuff.
  • Great stress-free protection.
  • Parental peach of mind.
  • It features excellent magnetic security locks.
  • Good corner safeguards.
  • Clear detailed instructions.
  • Comparatively costly.

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05. Metal Anti Tip Furniture/TV Safety Straps

Metal Anti Tip Furniture/TV Safety Straps

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These Anti Tip Furniture Anchor & TV Straps are truly premium quality and Ultra-Powerful mounting anchor hardware heavy kinds of stuff eligible for Instant Earthquake, Baby, Senior And Baby Proofing (4 Pack + Gift) for great family care.

Most parents feel that their children are not strong enough to climb on the furniture, although they are confident that they have taught their children or toddlers how to move around them safely.

However, babies and toddlers are at risk of injuring themselves due to a lack of motor coordination skills – before you can do anything to protect them. Anti-tip TVs and furniture straps are just a few clicks away from the ultimate level of protection for your home – the best purchase for your child’s childhood! Also, the best protection for your pets: Very active: Active pips or smart cats will not be able to destroy your valuable electronics, damage your valuable furniture, or injure themselves!

Every 24 minutes, a child in the United States is being damaged by a falling TV or a piece of furniture! Did you do anything to make sure your lovely baby no longer became a statistic? Invest in the best anti-tip TVs and furniture straps right away!

Experiment with these amazing features and benefits of those products. They are cheap and effective. Purchase these strap sets to install in your room, garage, and grandparents in your home; Or the place of caregivers!

This is an amusing earthquake and anti-theft protection. In the event of a natural disaster or intrusion, nothing will be lost. Likewise, kids will scrutinize, adults can get inexperienced at different times, and if everyone behaves ideologically, nature can go crazy with the help of earthquakes and give advice about things – our safety straps can be life-saving in such situations!

  • Premium quality materials.
  • Metal, sturdy, and heavy-duty pieces of stuff.
  • Enhanced safety.
  • Effortless installation methods.
  • Versatile performance.
  • Piece of mind for parents.
  • Hundred percent risk-free contentment guarantee.
  • Perfect durability.
  • It will load up to 400 LB.
  • Great childproof lock.
  • It will cost you a tad bit more.

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06. Furniture Straps [10 Pack] Furniture Anchors For baby Proofing

Furniture Straps [10 Pack] Furniture Anchors For baby Proofing

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Another awesome paradigm of the best baby proofing and furniture securing anti tip straps. 4our Upgraded New Furniture Straps is the best and easiest cure for baby-proofing the home!

Aptly adjustable stainless zip tie straps are easier to install and adjust to length than older models. The thickness of the bracket is only 0.19 “which is thinner than the others. 2 sets of wall straps are tested for a maximum pull of 620 pounds.

Therefore, it can easily secure heavy furniture to the wall. Keep in mind that unsafe furniture can be dangerous to peace of mind. Tipping-up can be done if the furniture is not properly secured.

All the furniture around the house that could put our kids at risk should be protected with an anti tip furniture straps, as the kids get up to the open stove doors and use it as a step – and are always turned behind you!

4ours Kids stainless steel furniture straps assist in securing items in your home. When an earthquake occurs, this metal furniture anchor can protect your property and reduce the chances of injury or death.

Take a break to make sure your furniture is safe and your home is safe! This furniture anchor can help eliminate problems in your home from furniture advice on your kids. The steel brackets on these straps will keep the piece of furniture in place and prevent it from being overlooked in front.

  • Heavy duty and high-quality furniture safety wall straps.
  • Precisely adjustable and detachable metal furniture safety anchors.
  • Ideal for baby proofing.
  • Great earthquake-resistant straps (Below 6.5 Quack)
  • Efficient anti tip furniture straps for child safety.
  • Safe and sturdy.
  • Easy to install.
  • A bit difficult to install on high bookshelves.

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07. Furniture straps [12 Pack] Furniture Anchors

Furniture straps [12 Pack] Furniture Anchors

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Furniture Straps for Baby Proofing (12 Pack) Anti-Tip Furniture Kits for Child Protection by VACAT is truly is a great tool for childproof and furniture safety. In the United States, one child dies every two weeks in a furniture accident. Curious little kids climb on top of the furniture or open the dresser drawer and the furniture falls or the drawer slips and thus accidents like suffocation or suffocation occur.

The U.S. Consumer Protection Commission says. The 12-pack furniture straps kit provides you with adequate amounts to ensure maximum protection. Note: In order to maintain a good anchoring effect in an earthquake, 2 pieces of furniture straps for each piece of furniture, especially heavy furniture, are required. Each set contains all the hardware: screws, adjustable straps, brackets, and wall anchors.

This furniture strap is built with premium quality nylon instead of cheap plastic. It also comes with high tensile strength and it is so durable and long-lasting. Be sure to hide behind the furniture. Leave in seconds to remove furniture when cleaning the house. Effortless installation without much effort. This anti-tip furniture straps kit offers customer-friendly instructions and all the necessary hardware.

  • Awesome baby proofer.
  • Super strong build quality.
  • Robust 6t Nylon material.
  • No cheaper plastic.
  • Quick-release.
  • Effortless install.
  • It is easier to use.
  • Double installation positions: Vertical & Horizontal.
  • Built with premium quality materials.
  • A little bit expensive.

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08. Furniture Straps Baby Proofing Anti tip wall 12 pack Anchors Kit

Furniture Straps Baby Proofing Anti tip wall 12 pack Anchors Kit

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This is one of the most popular Baby Anti-Tip Furniture Straps (12 Pack) Proofing Anti-Tilt Furniture Anchors Kit that aptly offers adjustable child protection. This Straps kit is Earthquake Resistant and Anti-Shading that best secure Bookshelf, Cabinet, Dresser. The 12 sets include all hardware including screws, adjustable straps, brackets, wall anchors (not offered by other vendors).

The safety straps are detachable and adjustable so that parents can easily and safely clean the back of their child’s furniture when needed. Our Kids Furniture secures the furniture to the walls and even helps against furniture damage during earthquakes and wind storms. If you have a child or pet at home, our anti-tip strap can protect your curious children from tipping over furniture by anchoring them securely to the wall. It generates and keeps us a safe atmosphere for your kids and pets!

The 100% impact-resistant furniture anchor consists of two brackets drawn by two straps. Applying new material (nylon 6t) furniture anchors kit provides higher rigidity and strength. Straps have good flame-retardant properties, high stability, anti-aging, and cracking properties that effectively increase the safety and durability for keeping your furniture.

The safety strap provides a positive and reliable lock when involved and slips easily with a press release so you can easily and safely clean the back of your furniture when needed. Furniture straps are installed on the back so you can’t see the straps from the front but they can be visible from the sides. May apply to cupboards, drawer chests, dredgers, TV stands, wardrobes, bookshelves, etc.

  • One of the best anti tip furniture straps for baby-proofing.
  • Premium quality and heavy-duty furniture safety wall straps.
  • Fast release.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Scientific and safe.
  • It features a 2-way installation: Single mount & double mount.
  • Eligible for shelves, dressers, cabinets, bookshelves, and so on.

  • Not sturdy.

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Crucial Points To Contemplate Right Before You Approach The Best Anti Tip Furniture Straps: A Purchase Guide

All your anti-tip devices have to be well-secured into wall studs and solid wood, not to the backings of some furniture fragile and unstable press boards.

If you don’t have a wooden stud, find out with your hardware store or a professional child-proofer what kind of bolts or fasteners and drill bits you require to use for brick, concrete, enclosed walls, or other unconventional materials.

It is not that all devices work for pieces of furniture or in a place where furniture can be in a room. You need to choose carefully and suitably.

While secure, you can occasionally check out the straps to observe if they are still secure and that parts of furniture, TVs, or wall plastics may become particularly brittle or break over time or be applied to them repeatedly, causing them to fail. This is why I suggest preferring any anchors with no plastic parts if possible.

You may require to rearrange your furniture to secure it and securely attach it to the wall. The anchoring device or furniture visible in a different place than your choice is a small price to pay for the protection of your child.

We recommend that you must remove furniture that cannot be safeguarded securely or near the gate or restrict access to rooms where furniture and TVs are not securely safeguarded.

Be sure to secure applications, filing cabinets, and other obsolete furniture that pose a risk.

Last but not least, ensure to anchor furniture and TVs in the homes where your children are seen, including in your home and in institutional daycare centers.

Thank you for learning dos and don’ts to secure your furniture and TVs and protect your kids! Read on to learn why this is so important, how to choose the best tip-over anchors (and which ones should be avoided), and how to properly install furniture and TV anchors.

Choosing The Most Reliable & The Best Furniture Anchors

Now stores are packed with a wide range of furniture anchors. But it is crucial to realize that not all furniture anchors are made evenly and many are not tested to see how much weight they can act, so they can give a false impression of potential safety.

It is also important to comprehend that there is no mandatory standard for testing furniture anchors, so the “test” can be an adult to observe if it was pulled on the strap at once. It doesn’t act the power of climbing, pulling, or otherwise conversing with the dresser more than once a day for years. And the “tests” of one organization are not the same as those of another if they test each other.

There are plenty of “copyright” anchors that look like name brand anchors, are initially sold online, and are made with less expensive and often inferior materials or contents and thus are more likely to fail. I advise you to avoid indications, if they are not listed below or are made in one of the companies listed below, they are probably substandard products and not recommended.

It is important to know that anchors must not only carry the weight of the furniture, but also the top/top, and at least an additional 60 pounds (to mimic the weight of a 6-year-old climb on top of it), so it depends on how much weight the anchor can hold. If you often need multiple anchors or multiple sets of anchors (for example if they come in a package 2) furniture is best to consider too much!

Professional child professors strongly recommend anchors that do not have any plastic parts that can be brittle or break, and if possible have been lab tested for weight strength. This is a simple and affordable “L” bracket, a steel cable style anchor. Or heavy-duty furniture straps with metal attachments for wall and furniture sides. These are included in my resource list here.

How To Install The Best Anti Tip Straps?

More than 2,000 kids end up in the (ICUs) emergency rooms of the hospital with injuries sustained from the tipping chest of your furniture such as the TV drawer, wardrobe. The most regretting part is that some 5-10 children from them die from such serious injuries out of such severe accidents.

How does the accident occur? Well. Usually, the chests of your drawers stand fairly stable with all of the lockers closed. When your kid is about to open the locker, the center of gravity starts shifting to the front. Now with these lockers opened, the entire drawer gets top-heavy. If the upper lockers are opened up, it loses its control and falls forward which is quite a life threat to your kids. It is lawful vaulting objects. So beware of it! The best anti tip straps can magically fix your problem.

It is much easier to install. So let’s dive into how to install your best anti tip furniture straws. Just start by moving your furniture away from the wall. Then use an electronic stud sensor device to find the wall stud nearest the center.

Mark the edges and draw faint pencil lines to outline the stud location using a short level as a guide now. Push the back of your furniture into position. Lay a pencil on top now and make a horizontal mark on the wall.

Select one of the mounting brackets and place it on of the stud. A couple of inches from the top and mark the mounting hole locations.

Next, drill pilot holes. After that, drive in the mounting screws using a drill bore or a hole through the furniture back near the top.

On the underside of the top place the second bracket on the position and mark the hole locations and drill pilot holes. Then drive in the screws. Now ensure that the screws are short enough not to penetrate the top.

Tie one end of the safety lanyard by enacting a retaining pin through the end. Secure the pin with a retaining clip. Next, push the other end of the lanyard through the hole in the back and attach it to the wall bracket with the retaining pin and clip.

Now it is time to go for the same test. Open the bottom drawer, the middle drawers, and finally reach the tipping point of your furniture. What will you experience now? There is no possibility of causing any severely perilous accident as your anti tip furniture straps will work as a great backup instrument.

However, there are some more couples of preventive care and measures, you may take for the sake of kids. Help them learn how to use your furniture such as TVs, wardrobes, drawers. Teaches them not to open more than one locker of a drawer at a time. Warn your children against climbing up the front or never using the drawers as ladders.

Last but not least, try your best to avoid placing things on the top of a chest that your kids may find them attractive and desire to climb up to get them. Be highly beware of it!

The Procedure Of Using The Best Anti Tip Furniture Straps For Your TV Security

Using Anti Tip Furniture Straps For Your TV Safety

Right before you launch your mission, ensure that kids are not around the work region, that the TV is unplugged and that you always exercise care while moving the TV and furniture.

The best procedure is to attach the TV directly to the wall on a wall mount suitable for the size of the TV.

If you are unable to wall mount your TV, secure the TV and the furniture. It sits on with tip restrictions to help prevent accidental tip-over and injury.

Place your TV on furniture that is secure and stable. The furniture should be wider than the TV. Spot the TV towards the back of the furniture always.

Avoid placing items appealing to children on the furniture and remind children not to climb on furniture. To anchor the TV to the furniture and wall, use a tip restraint strap such as a Y-shaped strap.

Tip restrains are available online and in stores. Always follow manufacturer instructions for installing tip restrain straps.

You will need a drill, a screwdriver, a stud finder to attack the tip restraint securely. Always drill pilot holes in both the frame of the furniture and wall studs before anchoring screws.

When TV To Wall & Furniture

Discover the exact position of the two lower holes on the back of your television. Hold the end of the straps and tie them securely to the TV with the attached screws and washer.

Next, find the stud in your wall and attach the bracket and 6” down from the top of the furniture with two screws.

Expand the straps downwards and in the pilot hole recently drilled, screw the strap to the framing on the furniture case.

Connect the opposite end of the belt to the bracket and pull tight until no slack is there.

When The TV To Only Wall

If you can not secure the TV to the furniture like glass tables or antiques, you can anchor the TV directly to the wall.

Choose the right place for the two upper holes on the back of the television. Hold the end of the straps and affix them safely to the TV with the given washers and screws.

Next, find the stud in your wall and attach the bracket about 6” down from the top of the TV with two screens.

Attach the opposite end of the strap to the bracket and pull tight until the is no slack.

Now you are welcome! You are done with the prevention of TV tip-over and your lovely furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do Dressers Tip Over?

When a child opens drawers and climbs on top of them, even a heavy dresser or other types of furniture can fall on a child. When the drawers are opened, the center of gravity changes, and someone can press the furniture with or without climbing.

How Do I Baby Proof My Drawer?

The most popular way to make a baby proof drawer is to use magnetic locks. The locking mechanism is when the hardware is mounted inside the drawer. The process will not be unlocked until you open it with a magnetic key. Magnetic locks usually come in a pack consisting of a magnetic key and numerous locks.

What Furniture Should Be Anchored?

Bookcases, dressers, amours, and cabinets are suitable candidates for anchoring – so consider whether any part of the furniture placed on a TV is a part of any furniture with drawers, shelves, or doors.


If you truly want your kid’s safety from tip-over and your furniture security from damages, the best anti tip furniture strap is an absolute must!

We know that tip-overs occur about every 25 minutes, which is about 60 times a day. In about 43 minutes a child is taken to the ER with serious injuries due to a tip-over incident, some with life-changing and weak injuries they cannot fully recover from.

This is about 33 children per day. About 12 days later, a baby died from tip-over. This is a minimum of 30 children a year. Each of them can be prevented if the furniture or TV that fell between them is protected up to the wall.

Apart from offering an outstanding trick to child-proof your home, the furniture anchor also plays a vital role to secure your precious and lovely furniture. So we have extracted the best anti tip furniture straps that will truly help you keep you remove all your fear and anxiety and keep you assured of everyone’s safety.

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