About Me

I’m divinely blessed with the lovely opportunity to gather a massive amount of experience in this short span of life getting engaged in a myriad of pursuits that helped me acquire copious knowledge along with proficiency in effective living. Having gone through over 5 years in the US Air Force and serving Motorola for about 13 years empowered me to have an excellent grasp of electronic and electric appliances.

It encompassed both mending technical communication appliances and organizing people and the expectancy of the consumers to meet their communication the eds. I strive for massive communication policies in the troops, for communication policies in the small enterprises, and even the state dispatch headquarters.

My 15-year-involvement in financial aids as a counsel and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance turned out to be a stepping stone in being others’ service. This comprises inferring the client’s requirements as well as ambitions associated with portfolio making and problem-solving. Manipulating the client’s motives was also an aspect of my career as the demands of my clients altered over the years as did the fluctuation of the market.

I discovered that each life event consists of a financial issue so closely linked to it. Engaging in wed-lock, getting divorced, making a home, having home décor, employment, business startups, or change all require a considerable amount of financial investment of some sort. Even something like a home crashing down or the furnace stops functioning. These are all requirements or day-to-day facts that needed a huge monetary treatment to some extent.

Likewise, my engagement in real estate investment comprising hands-on single-unit family & multi-unit family real estate empowered me to learn what it takes to mend, remodel, and keep up residential and marketable real estate installations.

This comprises the refit of apartment units from plumbing to wall refit to finished kitchen, closet, or bathroom remodels. I did have to gather thoughts on my job to counsel. It stood out to be a fecund approach from that standpoint.